Elevate your outdoor cooking and propane-powered patio heater experience with our advanced digital propane tank gauge. The Pro Check Universal is an indispensable tool for every outdoor enthusiast, providing real-time updates on your propane level through a seamless mobile app connection. In addition, the sensor can also be used to measure other liquid commodities including Oil, Diesel and Water.

Effortless Installation - Say goodbye to complicated setups. Our tank sensor easily attaches to the underside of your tank with powerful magnets or mounting collars, and can be secured in seconds. No matter the terrain, our sturdy magnets and mounting collars ensure the sensor stays firmly in place on your RV's propane tanks, giving you peace of mind during your travels. It's designed to fit tanks sizes of up to 250gallons.

Extended Battery Life - Our tank sensor now boasts a significantly longer-lasting battery, ensuring it remains operational for extended periods without needing to be replaced. When needed, the battery is replaceable.

Cutting-Edge Technology - The Pro Check Universal comes with integrated temperature sensing, a tank "bubble level" indicator, configurable sample timing, firmware updates, and customizable alarms/alerts, all designed to enhance reading quality and precision. It works seamlessly with both vertical and horizontal cylinders, making it a versatile and reliable option for tank monitoring.

Free Mobile App - Download our user-friendly "Tank Check" app for free on Apple and Google Play stores. With unlimited tank and sensor support, the app allows customizable alarms to suit your preferences.

Upgrade to the Mopeka Pro Check UNIVERSAL sensor and enjoy a whole new level of convenience, accuracy and precision in monitoring all your tank levels.

Mopeka Pro Check Universal – LPG Tanks

€122.00 €109.90

Mopeka Pro Check Universal – Steel Tanks

The Mopeka Pro Check Universal Sensor is the next generation of our powerful Pro Check Technology and gives users the same great usability and connectivity, but adds significantly new and beneficial features:

  • Enhanced accuracy
  •  – the Pro Check already has a 99% level of accuracy… the Pro Check Universal will further extend this accuracy to 99.5%
  • Additional  commodities
  •  – the Tank Check App that accompanies the Pro Check Universal will add additional commodities to the drop down list including Diesel, Oil, Water, Propane, Butane, Anhydrous and other liquid commodities
  • 63% increase in battery life
  •  of the sensor over the original Pro Check

Using powerful magnets to attach to the base of the cylinder.

*For Aluminum LP Gas Cylinders please also purchase the Mopeka Pro Check Universal Collar Set (LPG Cylinders) - This will ensure the most secure fit to the base of your Aluminum LP Gas cylinder.

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